How I started with the Viennese rabbit


When I realised the priorities and the values of life , and the need to have hobbies and interests in life, good conditions for breeding came to my life again. That is why I bought a property, and used all my previous experience and knowledge about rabbits in the newly built rabbit hutch (see pictures). I hesitated again about which breed to have. So I went to the European exhibition in Nitra to see the breed I used to have-the Big light silver. But it was not a challenge for me anymore; I wanted to start with something new. I got interested in the Viennese rabbit at the exhibition. I definitely decided about the breed at the National exhibition Bundes Schau in Karlsruhe on December 12, 2009. I really enjoyed the travelling and the border crossing, which was much different than some years ago. I travelled with my best friend and the great man, breeder of the Belgian giant, Marian Benedikovic. I decided to breed the Viennese blue, so at the exhibition I bought one female and one male rabbit, although I did not have the neccessary equipment for breeding yet. I built the new rabbit hutch in the beautiful surroundings of Smolenice. I appreciate a lot work of my friends, who made the exterior, the kitchen, the storage room, and the fieldwork around, especially Ing. Arch. Michal Berger, and Julius Koncek. We were inspired by the rabbit hutch in Mr. Jozef Marko ´s house from Beloveza, the breeder of Belgian giant.
The year 2011 was a buying year for me-I bought the breeding rabbits in Austira, Germany, the Czech Republic. I participated in several exhibitions where I bought different colours of Viennese rabbit. Gradually, I bought all the colours of this breed because I really liked it. Already then I had the idea not to be the breeder who only buys, breeds and goes to exhibitions. I wanted to give a reason to my breeding, so my aim was to have my own line of Viennese rabbits. That was the reason to breed two colour races, Viennese wild blue and Viennese black, fully. Now I have 100 cages and in this connection I would like to mention another of my policies. Hygiene is very important for the breeding of rabbits, and that is why all my rabbits have care and comfort in their cages, so they can feel well. (see the photos). The importance of these policies was awarded at many exhibitions (see the awards), e.g. Award for the collection of Viennese wildblue and Viennese black at the 42nd National exhibition of young animals in Hodonin, in September 2012.

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