Beginnigs of my breeding of rabbits.
My first and the biggest inspiration was my grandfather, who was breeding rabbits. I grew up in a flat, so the time spent in my grandparents´house and in the nature around were very precious to me. I started helping my grandfather at the age of 7, so I developed the relationship to the rabbits.

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How I started with the Viennese rabbit
When I realised the priorities and the values of life , and the need to have hobbies and interests in life, good conditions for breeding came to my life again. That is why I bought a property, and used all my previous experience and knowledge about rabbits in the newly built rabbit hutch

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What are my goals ?
What is my vision into the future? I would like to build up a strong and stabile breed-at least 10 generations of my own. I would like to contribute to the breeding of rabbits in Slovakia. Another of my goals is to work.

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