Beginnigs of my breeding of rabbits.

„The future belongs to those who believe in beauty of their dreams.“

My first and the biggest inspiration was my grandfather, who was breeding rabbits. I grew up in a flat, so the time spent in my grandparents´house and in the nature around were very precious to me. I started helping my grandfather at the age of 7, so I developed the relationship to the rabbits.
After we moved to the family house with my parents in 1981, I kept taking care of rabbits, so my father helped me with building the rabbit hutch and we took care of about 10-20 rabbits together.
In 1990 I returned from the military service, and longed for founding the breeding of rabbits. Stefan Hecko motivated me a lot with his preciseness, knowledge and accuracy about the rabbits. At that time the breeders communicated either personally or through letters. I got interested in the article published in the magazine The Breeder, where I read the interview with Mr.Jozef Dinka from Bratislava. I contacted him and my visit to his house was the final motivation for me to found the breeding. His knowledge, humanistic approach, and love for this beautiful hobby made me decide to breed the rabbits not only for meat, but also to reproduce the rabbits and take care of the pureblooded breed and ancestry. I suddenly had a vision to participate on exhibitions of rabbits. Mr. Dinka had the German giant piebald with beautiful black and white colouring. I also had a contact with Mr. Silvester Kucera, who had a great influence on me, too. He was a breeder of the Czech piebald. I was looking for the breed which would interest me. I should have been something between these breeds-a middle one.
I bought a female of the Big light silver from Zahorie. At that time, there was a special exhibition in Trebatice, where I met sume fantastic people, Special Club of Breeders of Big Light Siver. I had two reasons to decide for the breed: its utility-for meat, and its beauty-for fur. Since then I became an active breeder of rabbits, I participated at exhibitions, and my first rabbit hutch had about 54 cages.
In 1995, we were on exhibitions in Germany. But we had problems with the border crossing checks, which were not very pleasant, and many time useless. Anyway, we kept doing what we did and soon the first successes came. I got an award at the National exhibition in Belusa, and in 1995 I got the Winning Collection at National exhibition in Trencin. These first awards meant a lot to me at that time and I still remember my experience very well.
Between 1996-2009 I had to interupt the breeding for more reasons, one of which was the change in my personal life, when I did not have much time for the breeding for I started my own bussiness.

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