Viennese wild coloured
(Graue Wiener)

Where does Viennese wild coloured rabbit come from?

Viennese wild coloured is known also as Viennese grey. It was bred in Germany as a counterbalance to imported rabbits. In the beginning of the 1930s, the breeder Gustav Korn from Wurtenberg tried to enlarge the small wild coloured rabbits with the Belgian giant. Other breeders bred Viennese blue with White giant. With the rising of nacism there were attempts to make a uniform national German breed and it got the name German rabbit. This name had changed several times, and in 1962 it was assigned to Viennese rabbits, specifically to Viennese wildcoloured. You can find it in 4 shades of wild grey colour: light, medium, dark wild, with a fire red factor. This factor makes the coating reddish, and more expressive. This colour is not included into some breeds.

What does it look like?

Wild coloured Viennese rabbit is smaller than Viennese blue; with its typical thick fur. Each hair has different colour shade. Primer base makes 2/3 of the hair lenght and is dark blue-grey, middle colour is reddish, brownish and is edged from the covering coat which is wild grey shade. The upper coating is wild grey or dark grey. Ears are edged with black. Its body is chunky with even muscule formation. Head is big, short and wide with a short neck. Ears are long and oval; its ideal lenght is 10,50-12,00 cm, with thick hair edging. Eyes are brown, claws are dark. It has short and strong legs. Its ideal weight is 4.25-5,25 kg.

Who are the most known breeders?

Between 2000-2009 the most known breeders were from Germany, e.g. Miachael Dathe, Stefan Ackermann, and Gerald Winter, as well as Schachinger Wolfgang and Schimanz Christian from Austria. The breeders are organized together with other breeders of any kind of Viennese rabbit in the Club of breeders of Viennese rabbits; which has a branch in Slovakia, founded in Nitra in 1993.


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