Viennese black
(Schwarze Wiener)

Where does Viennese black rabbit come from?

Viennese black rabbit came into existence by crisscross breeding of Viennese blue with Alaska type. Some German breeders used Viennese blue and White giant.
This kind was introduced first in 1925 at the big exhibition of rabbits in Leipzig and six years later it was acknowledged at German exhibition. It had been very precious kind with very small existence untill the 1960s. Since then, the breed has got its fans again. It is though not so popular as Viennese blue and Alaska is its biggest competence. This colour is not included into some breeds.


What does it look like?

Its coating is shiny, brightly black with dull underbelly. Its body is chunky with even muscules formation. Head is big, short and wide with a short neck. Ears are long and oval; its ideal lenght is 11,50-12,50 cm, with thick hair. Eyes are dark brown, claws are brown-black. It has short and strong legs. Its big similarity with the Alaska rabbit does not guarantee its status and a race. Its ideal weight is 4.25-5,25 kg.

Who are the most known breeders?

The most valued breeders of Viennese black are the Germans Siegfried Mayer, Roland Tolle. These breeders got the most points at exhibitions between 2000-2009. The Austrian breeders are Heman Grossmann, Anton Teufel. One of the first breeders in the Czech republic was V. Cermak from Olovnice, and S. Koukal from Hostivic. The Czech breeders are organized in the Club of breeders of Viennese rabbits which was founded in 1972.


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