Viennese blue
(Blaue Wiener)

Where does Vieneese blue come from?

Viennese blue has its origin in Austria. Johann Constantin Schultz from Wienna-Hetzendorf, the head of the first Viennese union of breeders of rabbits wanted to breed rabbits with nice fur and great amount of meat at the same time. So, he used female of Viennese blue rabbit with partly hanging ears, yellow female with one hanging and one rising ear from France with imported black Belgian giant. This crisscrossed rabbits were exhibited in 1895 in Prater under the name Viennese blue giant, because the first rabbits of the kind were much bigger than those today. In the next years he successfully reduced their weight –which was 7kg, to the medium level. It was acknowledge as a race in Austria in 897. The first Viennese blue were exported in 1903 to Germany, Holland, and Switzerland. Today it is one of the most widespread breed in Germany.

What does it look like?

Colour of its unusually thick fur is shiny, dark blue, grey with a little lighter under coating. Its body is chunky with even muscules formation. Head is big, short and wide in the forehead part, with a short neck. Ears are long and oval; its ideal lenght is 12,50 cm, with thick hair. Eyes are blue grey.i It has short and strong legs. Its ideal weight is 4.25-5,25 kg. It is popular among breeders in Europe for its beauty and profitability.


Who are the most known breeders?

The European top among breeders in Germany are Dr. Wilhelm Hippe, who got 173 points and the first place in exhibitions between 2000-2009. Others are Reinhard Menning and Hans Peisskert. The well-known breeder in Austria is Gerda Waibl. These kind started to be imported to our country in 1960s from Eastern Germany. Viennese blue got its first titul in Prague in exhibition in 1968. In the Czech republic the rabbits from breeders K. Cadila and M. Kozuba got the first places In Slovakia, there has been the Club of Viennese rabbits breeders since November 27,1993


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